Just Splurged on a Car Repaint? 3 Ways to Stop It Fading Without Breaking the Bank

Posted on: 21 December 2016

Whether you've had your car repainted to deal with damage to the exterior or you just fancied a change of style, a new paint job can be expensive. The last thing you want is to let that money go down the drain by letting your car's paint fade. Of course, given that some parts of Australia see thousands of hours of sunlight every year, this is easier said than done. While you'll want to protect your car from this sun damage, you probably won't want to spend a huge amount of money on getting a garage built so soon after you paint purchase. Instead, why not try one of these 3 lower cost methods of fade protection that won't break the bank? 

Wash & Wax Regularly

How often do you wash your car? A few times a year? Every month? When you're trying to protect your car from fading, you need to wash it more often. Clean your car exterior thoroughly a few times a week and you'll see your paint job last longer. The airborne substances your car comes into contact with on the road are enemies of paint; they wear away the finish over time if not removed. Once you've washed it and hand-dried it with a cloth, don't forget to wax. Waxing helps show off your paint by keeping it shiny, but it also helps to protect it from the sun by creating a barrier between the UV rays and the car itself. Just make sure you don't use any polish or wax that contains abrasive agents. You can wash and wax your car at home to keep costs low.

Use Protective Film

Wax is one way to create a barrier between the sun and your car. Protective car film is another. You can buy protective car film and fit it yourself to save money, or you can pay a professional a nominal fee to get the task done for you. Like wax, protective film coats your car and helps stop the paint from fading. It also protects against scratches, chips, stains and bug damage. Make sure you choose a film that includes UV resistance.

Build a Carport

While a carport is't as cheap as the two solutions above, it's usually much cheaper than having a garage built. Carports are similar to garages, except they don't have 4 walls. They may have no walls at all if they're freestanding, or they may have 1 or 2 walls when they're attached to your house. Like garages, carports shield your car's paint from the harmful rays of the sun. As an added bonus, they can also help to protect your car from other harmful weathering like hailstorms. The cost of a carport will vary depending on the size and style you want, so contact a contractor for a custom quote.  


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