Home Renovation: Selecting the Right Rental Scissor Lift

Posted on: 26 December 2016

If you are planning on performing extensive renovations on your home, you will need aerial lift machinery. Basically, this refers to equipment which will allow your workers to access elevated or at-height areas of your building. One of the most suitable aerial lifts for residential projects is the scissor lift. This is safer than a ladder for the workers, and it also serves as a working platform on which you can place building materials. Moreover, the equipment is powered so it can be moved up and down for easy access without climbing. Here are important considerations to help you choose a scissor lift hire for your project.

Maximum Vertical Reach

The height or vertical reach is an important aspect to evaluate before choosing the rental equipment. After all, the scissor lift is primarily designed to help you access otherwise unreachable heights. Generally, there are two crucial terms that you should understand with regard to the vertical reach of this lift: platform and working height. The platform height is the maximum height of the machine alone while the working height is the platform height plus an allowance for the average operator's height. Therefore, you should take note of these specifications when comparing a lift with the area you would like to access.

Weight Limit

You should know the weight capacity of the scissor lift when evaluating different machines. In most situations, the workers will need to lift building materials and even equipment to the elevated height during renovation projects. Therefore, compare the maximum weight rating of the machine with the weight of the operator and the total items that will be required during the pertinent operation. You should be certain about your choice because exceeding the limit can cause damage and worker injury.

Platform Size

The size of the scissor lift platform should be sufficient for usage during your project. The weight rating might be high, but the lift will be useless if you can fit the essentials on the surface. In general, the platform should have sufficient space for the operator to stand fairly comfortably. The remaining surface should fit the average number of things which will have to be lifted for each at-height task. On the other hand, a very large platform can make manoeuvring around the work space difficult.

If you are looking for a lift for indoor use, consider selecting a low level scissor lift. This has limited height, low weight capacity and compact size; it will prevent damage to your floors.


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