When You Need Two Bins

Posted on: 26 December 2016

Whether you are doing home renovations or renovations at your small business, you already know that you will probably need to hire a commercial bin. The question is: do you need one or two? You may be saying that one is enough. Surely, you won't have enough materials to need two. However, there are a few specific situations in which you definitely need two bins to clean and get rid of materials properly and safely.

Dangerous Materials

If you have any dangerous materials in your house, they need to be disposed of separately. Asbestos has been a common problem in many old houses. If your house was not checked out and proclaimed clean of asbestos, then it is quite probable that you may have some material infected with it. You need to handle the substances carefully and deposit them in a commercial bin so that they can be handled separately. Black mould is another harmful material to humans. If you see anything that you think might be harmful, you can put it in the second bin for proper handling. However, you need to inform the company that is performing the commercial bin hire that you are depositing dangerous material so that they will know how to handle it.

Heavy Material

You need to evaluate beforehand what material you are going to be depositing in the commercial bins. If you have a lot of heavy material such as concrete or brick, then you may need to consider hiring two bins. Even though the company will most likely use a machine to move the bin, you do not want to be responsible for overloading the commercial bin and damaging the equipment. That could cause a big problem for you if they want you to pay for the damage. Make sure that you ask about weight limits on the bins so that you do not overfill.


If you are going to be throwing away many resources that can be recycled, it is recommended that you hire two commercial bins. Once can be used for recycle, and the other can be used for waste. Some materials that you might recycle from renovations are concrete, wood or plasterboard. You need to make sure that the materials you place in recycle are not contaminated with something else. The wood cannot have nails in it for example. It needs to be pure wood or pure concrete to be thrown in a recycle bin.


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