Labour Hire for Transportation

Posted on: 28 December 2016

Labour hire can provide many benefits for your business. You will learn in this article what labour hire is and how you can decide if transport labour hire is right for you.

What is Labour Hire?

Labour hire is when you choose to go through another company to hire temporary employees for your business. If you are going to suddenly need a large number of workers, using labour hire can help you have enough people to meet the transportation needs of your event. Labour hire businesses maintain a number of workers who can work in a number of positions so that they will be able to meet your specific needs.

When you choose to hire through a labor hire avenue, you will pay a base fee that varies depending on the business. This base fee includes a base pay, payroll tax, worker's compensation insurance, and an administration fee. The amount of this fee will vary depending on the labour hire business you choose. You might use this business to hire a temporary worker to drive the crane you are renting or the bulldozer. The workers will have credentials in their area and will be capable of completing the job well.

How Do You Know if You Need Labour Hire?

You should ask yourself some of the following questions if you are looking into labour hire but are not sure if it is the best fit for you. Are you a small company? If you are a small company, it may be more practical for you to use transport labour hire. For example, you bid on a large contract even though your business doesn't have the staff to complete the job. Once you get the contract, you can easily hire a handful of new workers to complete the larger contract. You will be able to save yourself the time it would take to interview and look into the credentials of each possible worker by using a labour hire company that has already done that.

How often will you need help? If you will only need extra help occasionally, then it is easier to user a labour hire business. Instead of hiring then firing a bunch of people, you can simply contract them for the short amount of time. Do you dislike dealing with HR? If you are hiring from a labour hire company, they will provide the HR manpower, meaning that it will not be part of your responsibility to work in that area. If you will not need extra workers very often and you are a small company, labour hire may be the right decision for you. For more information on labour hire, check out websites like


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