Questions You Might Have About Upholstery and Furniture Repair

Posted on: 28 December 2016

When you have furniture that has been damaged in any way, you may not need to replace it. Very often a furniture repair shop can fix it for you, whether it's wood or glass pieces or something upholstered. Note a few questions you might have about damaged furniture before you start shopping for new pieces.

Can furniture be repaired after a pet has chewed on it?

If a pet has chewed away the leg of a wood piece or has caused deep scratches to a surface, this can usually be fixed with wood putty and other such fillers, or even with wood oil. A furniture repair professional can then sand or buff the surface and repaint or stain it so that it matches the rest of the piece, and there is no trace of the damage left behind. The oil can also soften the wood around the damage so that it's not noticeable, and your piece will look like new.

Will a deep tear to upholstery show stitching?

You might assume that repairs made to upholstery will mean that the stitching used to repair it will be noticeable, but this isn't always the case. An upholstery repair professional may remove a section of upholstery so that he or she can stitch it from the underside, hiding that work. In some cases, he or she may use a type of adhesive or upholstery tape that holds two pieces together, rather than stitching the fabric. This, too, can mean a virtually invisible repair that no one will notice once the upholstery is put back into place.

What are white spots on wood furniture?

White spots are often caused by moisture that has settled onto the wood and damaged its surface. In some cases, this can be fixed with wood oil and buffing. For some pieces, a restoration professional can sand or buff down that area and then add a sealant or coating to make the piece look like new. However, in extreme cases, it may be good to have the entire piece sanded and then repainted or stained, as the white spot itself cannot be repaired.

The furniture has been cleaned but still smells bad; is there a solution for this?

Very often, stains may penetrate the layers of fabric and other materials that make up your furniture so that a steam cleaning doesn't actually get those pieces clean. For example, the padding and even the springs or wood of the furniture frame may be damaged by pet urine or moisture buildup. A furniture restorer can take apart the furniture and clean those other materials so that the odour is completely eliminated.


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