What Type of Floor Should You Consider for Your New Home?

Posted on: 29 December 2016

If you are in the process of building a new home, then there is a lot to think about. Decisions, decisions, like what types of appliance should you select and are you going to go for granite counter-tops in the kitchen? Then there's the flooring, where you have multiple choices. How should you consider the pros and cons of each flooring type?

Entry-Level Linoleum

At the low end of the spectrum you could consider linoleum. This is a synthetic which is usually priced by the square metre and is cut from a roll which you get from the factory. It can be resistant to water so you will usually see it in a bathroom or kitchen. However, it's not very hardy, is fairly easy to damage and you need to get the entire room replaced if a tear develops. It's okay if budget is a challenge, but it's not likely to add to the value of your investment, long-term.

Laminate as an All-Rounder

You may like to consider a laminate alternative, especially if cost is a consideration. These are synthetic products as well, but they more resemble wood and come in either tiles or planks. Due to their sectional design, they can be replaced quite easily if one piece happens to get damaged and are available in a number of different patterns.

Laminate is quite easy to clean and resistant to water, though not ideal for places where there is a lot of moisture content, such as an enclosed bathroom.

The Beauty of Timber

A great all-round alternative is solid timber. You can find these in a variety of styles, including a particularly attractive parquet floor. Timber has the advantage of being soundproof and therefore great for properties that are in close proximity. It's very easy to keep clean and will last for a considerable period of time.

If you're looking to create an impression and to give your home a really warm ambience, then timber flooring is your choice. Just remember that you will need to regularly sand the floor to keep up with the appearance, especially in areas that have high traffic (like a hallway).

Deciding Factors

It's best to get professional help when you're laying these floors, especially the timber option, as they will need to be correctly sealed when laid down for maximum durability and performance. Remember to factor in the resale value of your home and note that people are more likely to pay a higher price for a property with a high standard of flooring.


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