How to Paint an Old Unpainted Wood Barn

Posted on: 30 December 2016

A barn is a sizeable farm outbuilding that is mostly used for storing farm produce or for sheltering livestock or other farm animals. Many people do not see the need to give their barns an attractive finish simply because it is not part of their living space. Nonetheless, these outbuildings impact the kerb appeal of the entire property.

If you have a weather-beaten unpainted wood barn, you can give it a new lease of life by painting its exterior walls. This is a project that you can handle by yourself as long as you know how to go about the job like a pro. Here are a few expert tips you should follow to ensure you achieve satisfactory results.

Prepping the barn

When bare wood is said to have weathered, signs of beat down are easily visible to the eye. Therefore, the first thing you should do is to visually inspect the exterior walls of your barn for any signs of deterioration. Repair or replace any decayed or splintered wood, depending on the extent of damage. Scrape off any mould, moss and algae that might have found accommodation on the surface of the wood. You can do this using a scraping tool, such as a wire brush.

Apply caulk around vulnerable areas of the walls, especially around windows and doors.  Once the caulking has dried, water down the entire walls with a pressurised hose. To avoid damaging the wood, make sure the pressure of the water is not so high. Allow the wood time to dry before picking up your painting tools.

If there are any signs of insect incursion, you will have to solve the problem first. Otherwise, your whole project will be an exercise in futility, as the wood-loving insects will compromise the structural integrity of your barn.

Painting the barn

Once the wood is well-prepped, you can begin painting. Starting with any section of the wall you want, apply smooth and even coats of paint. As a general rule, you should apply at least two coats of paint to your exterior walls. The first application protects the wood from the elements, and it should be a bit heavier than the second application. The second application is what will give the wood the attractive finish you so much desire, as it will remain visible for years and years to come.

For best results, consider going to a professional painter for more information.


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