Why Won't Your Pool Pump Prime?

Posted on: 30 December 2016

If you want to keep your pool in a good working condition, you must ensure all the pool fixtures are functioning properly. One of the major components that keeps your pool running is the pump. Sometimes these pumps may fail, which means they won't prime. When this happens, knowing what to do will help you keep your pool up and running. Besides, you can save some money because you won't need to call a professional for the repairs. The first step to solving your pool pump problems is knowing the causes. Therefore, the following are some of the major reasons your pool pump won't prime:

Poor Placement the Pool Pump

Typically, a pool pump works well at water level. Therefore, if the pool is immersed deep inside the pool water, bring it back to the level of water. You can even let it sit slightly above your pool water level. Apart from working efficiently at water level, the pump should be as close as possible to your pool. Sometimes placing it a lot of metres away may affect its ability to prime properly. Some manufacturers even recommend a standard distance that a pump should be away from the pool. If you are renting the equipment, be sure to ask for this distance. If you own the pump, you can simply look the distance up in your owner's manual.

Closed Suction or Discharge Valves

At least one discharge and suction valve should be open for the pump to work. If all the valves are closed, the water will not flow, which means the pump will not prime. Besides, the pump will be air bound because air will have no pathway to get in and out of the pump.


These are in fact some of main reasons your pool pump fails to prime. Check your impeller for any debris that could be clogging it. A clogged impeller will lose its ability to create areas of low pressure that are required for priming. That is, for your pool pump to work properly, water has to flow out to create a vacuum (area of low pressure), which then helps the pump to suck water and prime your pool. If the impeller is blocked, the water won't flow out. You should also check for any blockages in the skimmer and strainer baskets. If there are any clogs such as accumulated debris, clean them out with a hose.


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