Bedroom Delights | 3 Splendid Colour Tricks To Energise Your Sleepy Bedroom

Posted on: 5 January 2017

Bedrooms are heavenly abodes for most people, especially after a long, hard day at work. While some homeowners love the idea of soothing bedroom spaces, others want to infuse it with energy and excitement. If you fall into the second category and are saddled with a sleepy bedroom, use these splendid colour tricks to energise it with paint

Jazz Up Your Bedroom With Harmonic Neutrals

Neutral paint shades like steel grey, pale taupe and cool whites can add a sense of harmony to any bedroom décor because they can match any piece of furniture without any difficulty. Instead of making a bedroom feel sleepy, these light neutral shades have the ability to infuse the space with a sense of open airiness –– making a small bedroom appear not only brighter but also bigger than it did before. You can incorporate the same colour from your walls into your ceiling to build a sense of height to your newly energised bedroom. Light neutrals also reflect light from lamps and hanging light fixtures to add a sense of spirited beauty to your previously sleepy bedroom.

Institute A Sense Of Sheen Into Your Paint Colour

When trying to energise your bedroom, you'll ideally want to stay away from pure matte or satin finishes because they can end up making the space look flat and dull. On the other hand, paint colour infused with a bit of sheen can brighten up your bedroom almost instantly, which is exactly the kind of look you desire. High gloss and semi gloss paint finishes are well known to reflect light, which can give your bedroom a lively and animated vibe. Make sure you choose paint colours that integrate smoothly into your bedroom furniture, so that the space doesn't look too loud and gaudy.

Unite An Animated Feature With Your Bedroom Interiors

An animated feature wall is a great way to infuse energy and liveliness into your bedroom, so you can make a choice based on your personal taste. Some popular feature wall ideas include floral themes, polka dots, geometric patterns, stripes, paisley and animal prints for bedrooms. You can choose a monotone feature wall incorporating different shades of a single colour, or you can choose a feature wall with multiple colours to spruce up your sleepy bedroom. Make sure the pattern you choose doesn't stick out like a sore thumb against your bedroom interiors. For instance, a geometric feature wall will look out of place if you have a vintage-styled bedroom with soft angles and shapely furniture. In this instance, a paisley or floral print may be better suited to your needs.


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