Custom Wooden Crates: Construction Design Options for Shipping

Posted on: 6 January 2017

Reliable wooden crates are essential when you are shipping goods such as agricultural produce, industrial parts and heavy-duty materials. These containers are stable and strong, especially when compared to alternatives like cardboard boxes. Therefore, they will be able to withstand the harsh and hostile conditions of the transportation network. The crates will also unitise the loads and protect them against potential mechanical impact.

Generally, you can purchase ready-made wooden crates from specialist vendors. However, you should consider commissioning construction of a custom alternative. This option ensures that the items fit perfectly in the container, and there is no wasted space. In addition, you can order this type of timber crate in any design, depending on the potential application. Here are the primary construction designs to consider for your custom wooden crate.

Closed Crate Design

The closed crate is built to contain and isolate the goods completely. Basically, this design consists of a framed container with all ends covered by plywood sheets. You can also request for an alternative with walls made from tightly installed planks of wood, although this option will be more expensive. This type of wooden crate is highly resilient, and it provides extensive stability for the goods inside. You should choose a closed crate if you want to transport an item which does not require ventilation. It is also useful for goods which could contaminate others around them.

Frame Wooden Crate

The frame crate is an ideal choice if you are planning on shipping items which do not require special protection. As implied, this design and structure consists of basic frames nailed together to the desired size and shape. It does not have any form of covering on the top, sides or bottom. The main function of the frame wooden crate is to provide support and keep the pertinent item stable. You should consider choosing this design if you are transporting heavy machinery or equipment parts.

Open Crate Design

The open crate design provides a middle ground between the closed and the framed wooden crates. In general, this type of container is made using a frame, and the sides of the structure are covered with wooden planks. However, unlike the closed design, this alternative leaves spaces in between the planks. Consequently, the open crate will provide great support, protection and general stability without compromising the ventilation aspect of the container. This crate is suitable for transporting most goods, including agricultural produce.

When making your order for a wooden crate, consider the wood type and workmanship for the best results. 


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