Upsides of Split System Air Conditioning Installation for Homeowners

Posted on: 10 January 2017

The harsh Australian sun can make it difficult for people to comfortably stay indoors. So many homes across Australia are equipped with air conditioning systems, as cooling service is no longer considered to be a luxury but a necessity. There are different types of air conditioners for homeowners to choose from. One of the most sought after air conditioners found on the market is the split system air conditioner.

Split system air conditioning systems are an ideal choice for homeowners who need to cool single rooms or smaller houses. They can be installed in just about any room in the house, making them an obvious choice where the use of window-type units is impractical. Before installing a split system air conditioning unit in your home, you should first know the benefits you stand to gain. Here is a look at some of the primary advantages of installing a split system air conditioner in your home.

Easy to install

Unlike traditional duct-based systems, today's split system air conditioners do not rely on ducts to supply cool air into your living space and to dissipate the hot air outside. As there is no need for ductwork, split system air conditioning installation means less disruption of your home. This, in turn, leads to quick installation and less labour costs. If you are concerned about high installation costs, split system air conditioners can save you a few dollars. 

Minimal noise disruption

You want cooling service, but that does not mean you should put up with the disruptive noise coming from a window air conditioner. Unlike a window-type air conditioner, which has its condenser unit (the noise-generating component) located inside the main unit, the condenser unit of a split system air conditioner is placed outside at a location where noise levels reaching your living space can be minimised. 


A split air conditioning system can be equipped with a programmable thermostat to make cooling more efficient and much easier to control. With a thermostat, the cooling system can be turned on and off depending on your indoor temperature requirements. What is more, split air conditioning units eliminate the potential for air leakage through ductwork. Therefore, you do not have to worry about precious conditioned air leaking out of the system before it reaches your living space. 

To make the most out of your split system air conditioner, make sure it is installed and maintained by a qualified HVAC contractor. 


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