When to Choose an Industrial Shed Versus a Lightweight, Rural Shed

Posted on: 16 January 2017

A rural shed can be a good choice for any farmer, rancher, or someone who just needs added storage space on their property. However, an industrial shed is often more durable and may offer more features than a standard rural shed; the cost might be a bit higher for an industrial shed, but it can also be the better investment in many cases. Note when this is and why an industrial shed can be a better option for you.

1. When you need added ventilation

In your shed, you may have feed for your livestock, fumes from paint or vehicles you're repairing, and other reasons to require good ventilation, and an industrial shed may be the better option in this case. Usually an industrial shed will have stronger ventilation fans that pull this debris out of the shed, and may also come equipped with a roof vent and power turbines that you can control when you need to clear the air inside the shed. Rural sheds may have windows you can open and lightweight ventilation, but since they're not typically used for industrial applications like painting, car repair, welding, and so on, they may not provide the best ventilation options for you.

2. When you need more insulation inside

A rural shed may be good for storage of equipment but may not provide adequate insulation for livestock, or if you want to use the shed for working on a hobby, repairing vehicles or your boat, or as office space for workers. During summertime or when the temperature drops, you may rely too much on an air conditioner or space heater in a rural shed, whereas an industrial shed is meant to be occupied by office workers, production workers, and others. They are often made with a thicker, layered steel that better insulates the interior for a more comfortable setting.

3. When you need more protection against impact

A rural shed is often made of a thin and lightweight material so that it's easy to install and even move around on a farm or other property, and is only designed to give some protection from the elements. This means that it can also suffer more dents and dings from an impact! If you will be using tractors, trenchers, or even a forklift in the area of the shed, you want to invest in a material that is strong enough to withstand any type of impact, so you reduce the chances of actually denting or even slicing through the shed if you should inadvertently drive into it.


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