4 Reasons to Extend Outwards Instead of Having a Basement Conversion

Posted on: 18 January 2017

Many people who have basements are tempted to convert them from basic storage spaces into fully-functional rooms. However, it can actually be far more advantageous to extend outwards by adding a whole new room.

Here are just four reasons you should make a residential extension instead of renovating the basement.

1. More Light

One of the perennial problems that people have with basement conversions is a lack of light. This doesn't matter too much if the room is only being used for storage, but it can become a real problem if you want to use it for anything else. Even if small windows can be cut out towards the ceiling, you'll still mostly be relying on artificial light. In contrast, extensions can be very light, airy, and inviting. You can even opt for a conservatory, with glass used extensively across the ceiling and walls.

2. Property Value

At the end of the day, most renovation work is going to add value to your property, and turning the basement into a real room is clearly going to allow your home to command a higher price if you should ever come to sell it. That said, it's almost always going to add more value to extend outwards since you will be creating a whole new room. Additionally, some people don't like basement conversions due to the light issues mention above.

3. Space

If you want to renovate your basement, you're probably looking to increase the amount of useable space within your home. The problem is that even a dank basement that is unfit for use as a living room or bedroom is still probably being used for something. You might keep your washer and dryer down there, and you'll almost certainly use the space for storage. When you renovate the room, you'll need to either keep what's in the basement there or find somewhere else for it, so you might not be creating as much space as you think. Extending outwards is better in this regard since you'll be adding a new room instead of changing an existing one.

4. Maintenance

Once the renovation work is done, you'll just want to sit back and enjoy your new basement. Unfortunately, basement rooms are more prone to moisture and pest problems than other parts of a property since they sit below ground-level. This means you'll need to keep an eye out for signs of trouble, and any leaks that develop could quickly ruin your furniture and furnishings. An extension will be above ground-level, so this isn't something you'll need to worry about.


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