What Methods and Types of Engraving Are Available Today?

Posted on: 18 January 2017

Essentially, engraving refers to the process of incising a certain design, word, letter, shape or symbol on a hard, flat surface by making grooves in the material. Engraving is like a permanent tattoo, as the mark will stay there permanently without changing or losing shape. It is the best way of customising things like awards and trophies that have been earned by someone because most accomplishments are personalised and cannot be passed to someone else. If you want to engrave some trophies for your students who have done you proud, here's a look at some of the engraving methods available in the market:

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving refers to a process in which a laser beam is used to physically extract the surface of the material and expose a cavity. This cavity then reveals an image that can be comprehended by the eye. During the process, the laser beam creates high heat that leads to the vapourisation of the material being engraved. Once the material has vapourised, it leaves a visible cavity that can be touched and felt as a slight variation from the rest of the flat surface. Laser engraving is a very quick process because of the speed at which a laser beam moves and vapourises the material with each pulse. If you want deep marks on the trophy, the engraver will have to pass the laser beam over the material several times.

Hand Engraving

Hand engraving is probably the oldest trick in the books. In this method, a skilled craftsman uses sharp tools referred to as gravers. The tools resemble wood chisels, and the varying widths of their edges enables the craftsman to make wide or narrow cuts into the material. As you would expect, hand engraving is rather slow compared to other methods like laser engraving. It also depends on the level of skill of the artisan and their accuracy. Two engravings done by different artisans won't be the same.

Computerised Engraving

Computerised engraving is controlled by specialised software that directs the imaging on the material you are engraving. Certainly, the process is accurate and fast. It is also ideal for repetitive work when you are engraving the same symbols or words on multiple surfaces. The sad part is that this technology requires adaptable and experienced operators, and it may not be readily available in many locations.

Pantograph Engraving

Essentially, this is engraving using a machine and pre-determined sizes and ratios. There are numerous font stencils used to engrave things like medals and jewellery.  


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