Concrete: Array of Techniques You Could Consider For Your Driveway

Posted on: 14 February 2017

If you are considering renovating your property to enhance its kerb appeal by replacing the driveway, one of the materials you are probably considering is concrete. Below are some of the examples of techniques that you could consider that would enhance kerb appeal and decrease the occurrence of concrete repairs.

Stencilling the concrete

The process of stencilling your concrete can be applied to your old driveway or on newly laid concrete. Stencils are a popular option for creating unique designs on concrete as you have a multitude of patterns to choose from. Moreover, you can make the use of multiple stencils in order to achieve a unique design. With stencilling, the concrete contractors can transform regular concrete to appear similar to different types of flooring materials such as stone tiles, pavers and more.

Stamping the concrete

Another decorative technique you could use on your concrete is stamping. This method can also be used in tandem with stencilling to achieve realistic designs on your concrete. Stamping is especially a popular option for people who would like to incorporate depth as well as texture to their concrete. When done professionally, it would be hard for the untrained eye to tell the difference between the stamped concrete and other types of paving materials!

Pebbles in the concrete

This technique is commonly referred to as pebblecrete. To achieve this, the concrete contractors will add pebbles into the premix concrete before it is laid. Once the concrete has been poured, the pebbles are then exposed by buggering away the concrete that covers them. If you would like to incorporate colour to the pebblecrete, the pebbles will be dyed before they are mixed with the actual concrete. Pebblecrete is great if you are looking to enhance the degree of traction that your concrete provides you with. It should be noted that pebbles are not the only materials you could consider as an additive. You could also choose other materials such as glass to create exposed concrete.

Staining the concrete

If your main concern is eliminating the grey colour of concrete, then you may want to consider acid staining. This technique entails the application of an acid stain, which will have a reaction with the minerals that are contained in the concrete. Not only does this change the colour of the concrete but will also create swirling patterns on the concrete surface and give it a unique texture.


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