Distinguishing the 3 Main Types of Plumbers via Their Specializations

Posted on: 17 February 2017

When it comes to types of plumbers, most people are only aware of the contractor they call upon when their plumbing issues such as leaks and blockages exceed their expertise. As a result, most individuals are not conscious of any other type of plumbers whose skill and knowledge surpasses fixing leaks and clogging blocked drainage systems.

Plumbers with higher knowledge often handle complex plumbing issues such as designing the plumbing system of buildings as well as modifying or replacing old plumbing systems.

It is essential to note that all these plumbers have the same basic training. However, their differences lie in the complexity of the plumbing they have specialized in over the years.

Service and repairs plumbing technicians

To most individuals, these are the most common types of local plumbers they acknowledge because whenever their plumbing issues get out of hand; these are the contractor they call upon for assistance.

These types of plumbers specialize in providing technical plumbing repair solutions in commercial as well as residential dwellings. It is essential to note that their expertise revolves around conducting minor repairs and replacements but doesn't include any designing of plumbing systems.

Commercial Plumbers

Commercial plumbers receive specialized training on the design, implementation, and maintenance of large plumbing systems for large institutions such as industrial plants, public buildings, and hospitals.

In most cases, the work of commercial plumbers includes installation, maintenance, and repair of utility plumbing systems such as gas and water pipes. Nonetheless, in some instances, commercial plumbers also deal with air conditioning vents, especially if there is a water leak in the vents.

The level of plumbing expertise possessed by commercial plumbers is sufficient to handle residential plumbing. However, they are only licensed to operate as commercial plumbers hence they seldom take on residential plumbing jobs.

Residential Plumbers

For residential plumbers, their training mainly focuses on handling designs, installations, maintenance and repairs for residential plumbing systems. It is essential to note that residential plumbing systems are less complex than commercial systems.

As a result, the licensing of residential plumbers doesn't allow then to participate in commercial plumbing projects. Nonetheless, they are more than capable of handling the work of a service and repair plumber with ease.

Hence, local residential plumbers often get called upon to install the plumbing works of a new residential building or to install additions fixtures such hot water pumps to the already existing plumbing system.


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