Consider Using These 3 Types of Plumbing Pipes for Your Home Piping Project

Posted on: 21 February 2017

Whether you are renovating your old pipework or installing totally new pipes, knowing which plumbing supplies you need is of course imperative. Different plumbing supplies, specifically the different pipes, are made differently to make them more suitable for specific and varying applications in a building. Strength, flexibility, ease of installation and safety are usually key things to look at before you make your decision. The following types of pipes deliver differently on these four aspects, so your priorities should help you choose the most appropriate. 


If durability is your top priority, choose copper plumbing pipes. These pipes are usually strong with sturdy and tight fittings. Copper plumbing pipes are heat resistant, so you can use them for hot water too. At the end of their service life, you can recycle these pipes. However, while copper is typically good at resisting corrosion, the environment determines the level of the resistance. That is, the pipes could corrode if you install them where water or soil is acidic (for underground pipes). Therefore, before you buy the copper piping, find out the pH levels in your area just to make sure they won't have an impact on your pipes.

Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride

Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride is best for water safety and DIY installations and repairs. The pipes are treated in a chlorination process making it a safer way to carry your residential water. The flexibility of the pipes makes them easy to modify or fit whenever there is need. You don't need special skills or sophisticated tools to install or repair these types of pipes. Using a handsaw, for instance, you can easily cut the pipes into the required lengths and join them together with the recommended adhesives and fittings. However, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipes tend to crack under freezing conditions. Therefore, don't use them as underground pipework.

Cross-Linked Polyethylene

These plumbing pipes are often identified as PEX. These would be your best alternative for copper pipes. You can use these pipes for your hydronic heating system as well as hot water supply. The main reason you may want to go for PEX plumbing pipes is if you need pipes for retrofitting. PEX is revered by many homeowners because of its ability to fit easily in walls and around corners without seams. This is because you don't need to solder where joints are required. Seams can act as leakage points on your pipework.


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