New Home Builders: Materials and Styles to Consider for Deck Railings

Posted on: 21 February 2017

For some homeowners, their deck railings are simply an architectural element put in place to ensure their exterior space remains secure. Although this is a primary function of the deck railings, it is not the only purpose they serve. Keep in mind that your deck takes up a considerable amount of space on your property. Therefore, its appearance will also have a significant impact on your kerb appeal. This is why it is important to ensure you put some thought into what type of railings you would install. So what are the main aspects to consider when installing your deck railings?

Materials to consider for deck railings

The first decision to make when considering new deck railings is which materials would be suited to your functional and aesthetic preferences. There is a myriad of options to choose from, but you have to bear in mind that not all of them may meet your needs. Some of the materials that you could contemplate include:

Timber: This is one of the more common materials chosen for deck railings due to the classic appeal it provides. It is especially popular with homeowners who already have a timber deck in place. You should bear in mind that timber deck railings will require routine maintenance to prevent premature warping, pest infestations, moisture damage and more.

Aluminium: If you are looking for deck railings that will be durable despite constant exposure to the elements, aluminium would be an ideal material to consider. Some people may shy away from this material under the assumption that it will not enhance the aesthetics of the deck. The truth is you could opt to powder coat the railing to your desired colour, thus enabling you to incorporate your residence's theme colours into your deck design.

Composite timber: If you like the appearance of wood but would not want to be burdened with rigorous maintenance, composite wood would be a good option to consider. This material is composed of recycled timber that has been mixed with plastic materials. Thus, it can replicate the same aesthetic appeal as timber, yet it is much more weather resistant.

Styles to consider for deck railings

Your style of railings will depend on the materials that you choose as some designs may require sturdier materials to create them. For instance, if you would like ornate railings that are intricately designed, you would have to consider materials that can be easily moulded without compromising their innate strength such as aluminium or wrought iron. On the other hand, if you would like a simple design such as posts that are spaced close together to secure your deck, then you could consider vinyl, timber or even composite materials.

For more help making a decision on your deck railings, contact a new home builder.


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