Why Double Glazing Has Benefits You May Not Have Considered

Posted on: 22 February 2017

Many Australians seem to think that double glazing is something that only northern Europeans worry about due to their lousy weather. While cold conditions may be a rare occurrence, especially in the northern states, there are definitely reasons why people in Australia should contemplate these solutions. What are the additional benefits of double glazing, in addition to temperature control?

Blowing Hot or Cold?

Remember, temperature control is a two-way street. In the heat of summer, it's a good idea to keep all that hot air outside and double glazing works as well to do this as it does when keeping frigid air outside in England. The basic design incorporates two separate panes of glass, which when fitted correctly form a tight void. An inert gas is then injected before the whole item is hermetically sealed. This is a highly efficient insulation technique, which prevents energy from one side being transferred to the other.

Security Issues

Even if you're not worried too much about the mercury rising, you should still be worried about overall home security. Many thieves are looking for the easiest way into your home and often, they will try and find a remote window at the back of the property that they can quietly break into. When they see that you have double glazing, they will definitely pause for thought. Also, those more enterprising criminals that may seek to try and remove a pane of glass stealthily will find that this is virtually impossible due to the way that double glazing units are installed.

Noise Abatement

You might also live in an area that is inherently noisy; perhaps you live next to one of the international airports. Double glazing in this case could be used very effectively to help you with your acoustic protection. You can even choose different thickness for the panes of glass in each room, if certain part of the home are affected more than others. Perhaps in this case one side of your home is adjacent to a train track. It's possible to look at an overall home design by choosing double glazing solutions on a window-by-window basis.

Cost Over Time

When you consider that you don't have any maintenance concerns with UPVC double glazing, you can justify the initial cost of installing. These solutions can last for a couple of generations when you get them installed properly and you won't have the worry about any associated condensation issues, either.

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