Four Reasons to Fit a Skylight Within Your Veranda's Outcropping

Posted on: 23 February 2017

When people talk about skylights, they immediately think of attic conversions and homes with sloping ceilings. That's natural; after all, these are the most common applications. However, they aren't the only ones. You can also yield fantastic benefits from a skylight by installing one with your veranda. If your home has an outcropping over a garden or decking to let you sit outside and enjoy the fresh air, you should really think about fitting a skylight within that outcropping. An exterior skylight might sound like a fairly odd idea, but they come with some fantastic advantages.

Here are just four.

1. Lets in Light and Keeps out Rain

The most obvious and compelling reason to fit a skylight within the outcropping of your veranda is that you'll be able to let in light while still protecting yourself from the elements in a downpour. One of the nice things about having a veranda is being able to sit outside when it's raining. Many parts of the country have a tropical environment, so heavy downpours can strike even in the middle of summer, and it can be nice to stay outside in such conditions without getting wet. A skylight adds to the veranda's ability to offer cover by still letting in light from above.

2. Provides Visual Focal Points

When you add one or more skylights to your veranda, you provide a way to break up the area more effectively. This is particularly beneficial if your veranda covers a larger area. Each skylight will provide its own spot of light, so you can, for example, centre your outside dinner table under one and then place an outside armchair under the next. Whatever you choose to do, strategically positioning furniture around a skylight's light spot will make the distribution of space seem more natural.

3. Is Less Oppressive

Since a skylight will let in light from above, it makes a veranda seem less gloomy and visually-oppressive during times of less-than-desirable weather. Even during the most glorious of days, the simple fact that the skylight breaks up the solid surface of the veranda outcropping makes the space feel more open and inviting.

4. Lightens the Load

Fitting a skylight within your veranda isn't all about aesthetics and enjoyment. In fact, you'll find that there are several practical benefits. The most important is the relief that a skylight will provide for the structure itself. Skylights will not add as much weight to most outcroppings as the material it replaces. This obviously isn't the case with all materials, but it's certainly true when the veranda outcropping has been made from bricks and mortar.


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