Should You Hire a Drafter to Create Plans for a New Home?

Posted on: 24 February 2017

When you're in the market for a new home, you may want to think of working with a residential drafter to create a plan for your home, rather than opting for a "cookie cutter" design offered by a builder. Note when this can be a good idea and how such a person can assist in creating a home that fits your needs in particular.

1. Eco-friendly options

How eco-friendly are those "cookie cutter" homes offered by a builder? Chances are they may have high-quality windows that seal out drafts and heat during summertime, but perhaps not many other options that save energy and use fewer natural resources.

If you're very eco-conscious, you might work with a drafter to create a water filtration system for the home that allows you to redirect water from the shower and kitchen sink to the toilet tanks, that includes low-flow toilets and even urinals, and that includes space on the roof for built-in solar panels. All eco-friendly items should be included when the home is designed, so there is less cost and less construction than if you tried to retrofit these choices after a home is built.

2. Smaller home, but more storage

Many homeowners today are actually opting for smaller homes, so they pay less for utilities over the years and have less maintenance for the home. However, storage can be a challenge, but a drafter can balance both these issues. He or she can ensure that every part of the home is optimized for storage, no matter how small; this might include storage under the floorboards for larger items, built-in shelving that is placed between wall studs, hidden televisions that slide into a ceiling when not in use, and the like. By using a drafter to create these plans, you can opt for a home that's just the size you need but that still offers you all the storage possible in the limited space.

3. Separate living area

If you have an aging parent whom you might want to live with you, but still want to offer them and your family some privacy, a drafter can create a floor plan that accomplishes this. He or she can create a separate entrance for a small suite that is attached to your home, and even add features that will accommodate your parent's particular needs, such as a wheelchair ramp, handicapped railings around the space, and the like. This, too, is better to have incorporated into the design of the home rather than trying to retrofit it once a home is built, so the addition is seamless and still accommodates everyone's needs.


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