6 Reasons You Should Pick Colorbond Roofing Material For Your Building Needs

Posted on: 27 February 2017

1. Great Aesthetic Value With over 20 different designer color palette, colorbond roofing provides you with an appealing look for your buildings that would catch the eye. Moreover, the advanced painting technology used to develop the product guarantees you durability that resists chipping, cracking and peeling to deliver the ultimate aesthetic value of the product. Using colorbond roofing material means that you would not have to worry about your home looking old because this material provides you with the ultimate experience of modern housing.

2. Thermal Comfort It can also be an effective way of conserving energy in your home. Colorbond roofing material has great thermal properties as is a good reflector leaving temperatures in your building at the optimum room temperature. Moreover, it is thermally efficient and simple to insulate. Meaning, it will cost you little to warm your house during cold weather and vice versa throughout the year. This also provides you with great comfort and you would not have to spend lots of money on air conditioners.

3. Leading Innovation For many years, colorbond roofing material has been a popular choice for numerous projects in the South Pacific, particularly in Australia. Now, this cutting-edge technology has seen other parts of the world adapt the designs due to the high demand the product is facing all around the world. The leading coating technology applied in the material has made it one of the most advanced, toughest material used in building.

4. Smaller Environmental Footprint The material is also quite environmentally friendly. The technology applied to it uses less metal resources and has an augmented lifespan. By virtue of that, using this material for your building needs would also mean that you are somehow conserving the environment and promoting sustainability. Moreover, the material used is up to 100% recyclable. If everyone was to adapt this kind of technology, then it's safe to say that we would all be living in a clean, healthy, sustainable environment.

5. Tried and Tested The renowned lifespan of colorbond roofing material comes as a result of decades and decades of performance testing and monitoring under the harshest of conditions. Therefore, it's safe to say that the product has stood through the tests of time by being exposed to severe environments and the results observed over time.

6. Fit for Any Location Whether your house or building is located by the coast or inland, colorbond roofing material can be used to construct a beautiful home regardless of the location. With over twenty different color designs, the material has been customised to fit almost any type of environment from an industrial to a residential to a coastal type of an environment.


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