What You Should Consider in the Design of Marine Berthing Construction Tasks

Posted on: 30 September 2019

If you love marinas, then you will have to think of a marine berthing system construction. You will need the following tips if you want your structure to maintain its value and remain functional. Marine berthing structures differ from one port to another and require maximum utilisation of capital and space. The following tips will assist during any berth construction.


When determining the construction place, it would be prudent to consider easy access for ships as well as favourable meteorological conditions. Your location should offer spaces for massive shipping vessels as well as small sailboats.

Type of marine berthing construction

The selection of the berthing structure depends on water flow conditions as well as geotechnical soil features. Wharves and piers are the two types of berth construction. Piers are perpendicular to shores, and you can use both sides. On the other hand, wharves are parallel to the shore. There is a connection of marginal wharves to the coast on its entire length. You will also need a retaining structure for containing the upland fill behind it.


The creation of your design will not be complete without considering the safety of ships which will come to the marina. Standalone structures known as dolphins will be perfect if you will be letting in gas and oil vessels. The dolphins will allow individual unloading and loading of boats without sharing the structure with the other ships.


On your berthing structure, you will conduct a plethora of activities which you have to accommodate to provide adequate support to ships. The operations could be crane and railroad tracks, light poles, mobile cranes, utilities and support buildings. You should ensure there are enough space and capital for such operations.

Combination of open and solid structures

There are two categories of marine berth construction: open and solid structures. Open berth projects are easy to build and have piles. Solid structures have a sturdy construction and support large weights. To reap the best results, you could combine the two types of architecture. For example, you may desire a solid berth close to the shoreline but still want it to transition to an open berth.


The construction of the marine berth also depends on other factors such as tide analysis, hydrological conditions, water depth and so on. A keen consideration of the elements in this piece will yield successful construction of the structure.

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