Why Metal Laser Cutting Is Right for Your Company

Posted on: 30 November 2020

If you simply want to cut a piece of metal, then there are a variety of cutting tools you could use. You might decide to cut it manually with a saw or perhaps to employ a sheet metal guillotine or something similar. These techniques may be satisfactory for making simple cuts in a few metal sheets, but if you need to create a more complicated design or if you have a production run with hundreds or even thousands of metal sheets to cut, then an alternative solution will be needed to ensure that the job can be completed to a sufficiently high standard and in a reasonable space of time.

The benefits of laser cutting

When you are working with metal, laser cutting is one of the most effective means of providing the cutting that you need. Unlike other methods of cutting that can only cut in straight lines or require manual cutting, a laser cutting machine allows you to cut any shape or pattern that you desire. Even the most intricate of designs can be created effortlessly once the program has been entered into the memory of the cutting machine. The pre-programmed nature of metal laser cutting means that every design you create can be reproduced perfectly every time. Instead of wasting valuable materials through operator error, you can have confidence that every pattern you cut will be identical to the one before it and the one after it no matter how intricate the pattern may be.

Another factor of metal laser cutting that is frequently under-appreciated is that laser cutting often works out far cheaper than other production methods. The high level of automation in the process is one obvious reason for the reduced costs. Automation increases the speed of production and therefore lowers the cost, but there are other reasons as well. In particular, metal laser cutting requires no additional tooling. Traditionally cutting metal would involve tools purchased or chosen for the job. These tools would have to be fitted to the cutting machinery before work on the job could begin. With laser cutting, you only need to load the program and start cutting. This approach to work allows much greater flexibility for everyone.

Sometimes one pattern will become damaged or lost at a late stage in the production process, or maybe a new order comes in that requires more of the product to be created. Adding to a production run for small quantities used to be a problem, especially if the machinery was now set up for a different job. With metal laser cutting, you can swiftly switch between jobs at the press of a button.

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