Choosing the Best Material for Your Wall Frames

Posted on: 19 April 2021

How strong is your home? It can be tempting to spend your decorating the interior of your property and hope that the wall frames and other structural elements of the build will be the right choice. However, unless you take the time to plan every aspect thoroughly, including the wall frames, and everything built around them, you could find that the life expectancy of your property is far shorter than it should be.

Which material is best for wall frames?

When planning a new build property, there are several materials that you could think about using for wall frames. Metal wall frames are a popular choice in many situations, but they can also come with disadvantages, depending on the building location. For a lot of people, timber wall frames are the best option. Here are three considerations to hold in your mind when making your choice.

Property location

Your property's wall frames can face different challenges depending on where the building is located. Steel wall frames will survive longer than timber wall frames in many situations, but in coastal areas where there is more salt in the air, steel wall frames can suffer from corrosion and require repair quite soon. Timber wall frames can have their problems. Untreated timber wall frames can be devoured by termites or other insects. It is best to be aware of any external influences that could affect your property and ensure that you take steps to protect your home, whatever material you choose for your wall frames.

Construction speed

When you are building your home, you will always be looking for ways to keep your costs within your budget. One way to ensure that the costs don't spiral out of control is to reduce the amount of time required on the site. Speed is one area where timber wall frames are likely to have an advantage. Steel wall frames will need welders and specialist equipment to connect them, but timber frames can be assembled more rapidly, saving time and helping to keep labour costs low.

Environmental impact

Steel wall frames can be completely recyclable, but the production of the wall frames consumes a lot of energy. The creation of timber wall frames is much less energy-intensive but can involve deforestation and similar ecological problems if you don't buy ethically sourced timber. Ask your supply about how they source their materials, and think about how you will put those materials together before you buy timber or steel for the wall frames of your property.


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