Do You Need a Commercial Lift Installation?

Posted on: 28 October 2021

When you manage a commercial building, there are lots of reasons that you might want to install a lift. There are also many types of lift that you might want to install. Many newer buildings will be built with lifts already installed. If you have an older building or one which has changed use over time, you will have to contact a commercial lift installation company and ask them to show you what is possible in your location.

What sort of lift do you need?

In a commercial environment, you may want a passenger lift to allow staff and visitors to easily access all floors of the building. Alternatively, you might instead be thinking of a goods lift to move stock or equipment between floors without the inconvenience of carrying it on the stairs. Other concerns that you will want to raise with the commercial lift installation company include whether you want a point-to-point lift or one that can access multiple floors in the building. You will also want to consider whether the speed is a critical factor for the lift, or whether you are content for the lift to offer a more leisurely journey.

What should the lift look like?

Sometimes, you want a commercial lift installation to be as inconspicuous as possible, especially, if the lift is not intended for passenger service. At other times, you may prefer to make a feature out of the lift. Perhaps, you feel that a glass lift would fit in with the modern decor of your premises, or that a circular lift would add a unique touch of elegance to the building. Perhaps, your building has unusual proportions or a design that doesn't lend itself well to fitting a lift. A good commercial lift installation company should be happy to design a bespoke lift for your building or modify an existing design to create what you need.

What problems might be encountered during lift installation?

A commercial lift installation company should be prepared for any physical constraints imposed by the building that could cause lift installation to be challenging. They should take a flexible approach and provide a tailored solution to accommodate limited headroom and similar concerns. They can help whether you want to fit a lift with or without a motor room and whether you want a traction or a hydraulic lift.

To learn more about the type of lift that you could have in your building, talk to a commercial lift installation company today.


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